What is coaching?

Life Coaching is a co-creative relationship. It’s the dynamic, progressive energy of two people focusing positively on one vision – Your dreams and goals.

It’s also a support system that provides you with new perspectives and an accountability partner to create together major shifts in thinking. Regular sessions establish a forward movement toward your desires. I conduct coaching sessions over Zoom, either with or without the video, depending on which helps you to focus more clearly.

A minimum of three months is recommended to achieve a desired amount of action toward your goals. If you have a large plan ahead of you, or many issues you’d like to resolve, then you will want to work longer. Six months to a year are what most clients find beneficial.

Changing habits doesn’t happen instantly and following through to the end of a project can naturally take time. Often one realizes that a problem is not in a vacuum but is made up of smaller issues that may need to be resolved first before the main goal is satisfied.

What the coach does...

• Listen openly and actively
• Ask questions that help you explore your own wisdom
• Hold you accountable for what you say you want
• Believe in you and trust you to make your own wise decisions
• Show up with complete honesty, integrity and caring

What the coach doesn't do...

• Diagnose or treat you
• Solve your problems for you
• Do your work for you
• Judge or “fix” you
• Give you legal or financial advice
• Take responsibility for you or your actions

What the client does...

• Clearly communicate what you’d like from each session
• Be honest with the coach and yourself
• Pay fees, show up on time and be prepared for coaching
• Be open to new ideas and perspectives
• Let the coach know if something isn’t working for you
• Have fun and enjoy the process!

Individual Coaching Program

To create change in your life and to follow through with your goals takes time so I have a selection of packages to offer you.
My individual coaching clients receive:

• An initial 1 – 2 hour Discovery Session
• E-mail correspondence between appointments when necessary
• Relevant exercises, resources and tools

All sessions will be held via Zoom.

6 sessions

Six 50 minute sessions to be used within three months is $840 or 2 payments of $440

9 sessions

Nine 50 minute sessions to be used within three months is $1,260 or 2 payments of $650

12 sessions

Twelve 50 minute sessions to be used within 6 months is $1,680 or 3 payments of $580

20 sessions

Twenty 50 minute sessions to used within 12 months is $2,800 or 3 payments of $960

Group Coaching Program

Connecting likeminded people to help them create more meaning and enjoyment in their lives. All coaching groups will be held via Zoom.

Receive a complimentary consultation