Coaching Testimonials


I have had a great experience working with Lisa as my coach! She is kind and compassionate, and truly seems to understand what I'm going through. Her coaching has helped bring out the best in me, and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to fulfill their dreams!

Susan B., Coral Springs, FL


Lisa has a calm and reassuring demeanour. She employs exceptional listening skills and facilitates the process of unearthing insights to help me to reach my stated goals. I look forward to our conversations and always leave them with a refreshing sense of clarity.

Marjorie N., South Africa


Working with Lisa has been a great pleasure and honor.  Lisa has a nurturing way of detangling the thoughts that often block our paths to personal success. It’s easy to get mired down with mental fog.

Lisa is just the antidote to help bring the clarity that allows us to move along our personal paths without the constant tripping over the rocks that try to block our smooth forward motion.

Jeanne L., El Cerrito, CA


I was a bit skeptical about Life Coaching before I started my first session with Lisa. I wasn’t totally convinced that it would help me tackle and get beyond some of old obstacles that had been preventing me from moving forward in my life.

But since day one of working with Lisa, my reservations melted away and with her patient, detailed, and caring guidance I’ve crossed off a large number of items on the To Do List that had been rattling around my mind for years. I look forward to working with her in the future on the more meaningful goals and aspirations that have been on the back burner for far too long!

Tish W., NYC, NY


Thanks to Lisa, I’ve gone from “Wouldn’t it be nice” to actually doing effective things to reach my goal. She’s very creative and steers you the right way. My life is changing already in positive ways!

Eileen H., Bradenton, FL


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